The Author

fr8_26_201314636_jpgBorn in San Diego, California, and raised by actors, Adalind grew up playing in the shadow of the stage. Despite a genetic interest in theatre, her passion for the written word has characterized her life, from the first recorded horror piece (“We were almost scared to death, but if we had been scared to death we would probably be dead.” – cir. 1990 approx.), to the thirteen year labor of love that is the epic high fantasy saga of Eleasia, writing is without a doubt her greatest love. Though she is contractually obligated to say that, in fact, her best friend is her greatest love, they both know the truth.

One of the few constants she can confidently claim in her life thus far (beyond far too many animals at any given time, and a loving and supportive family of crazy people), writing took a place of prominence only when she had to ask herself “What do I want to do with my life?” That constant that had so characterized her childhood, even more than being surrounded by actors, became the answer to any question you could ask her, especially when it makes no literal sense.”Would you like fries with that?””No thank you; I’m a writer.”

Though fantasy is without a doubt her dominant genre, her roots in supernatural suspense and horror have never lost their place in her heart. After discovering she was fully capable of writing short stories (a feat she believed utterly impossible, and laughable if suggested), she found her thoughts returning to the kinds of stories that had so captured her imagination when she was a child. Preferring to eschew the trappings of modern horror, Ms. Monroe’s tales tend toward the sub-genres of “Weird Fiction” and “Psychological Horror” when not entirely drenched in High Fantasy. And if you’re entirely unaware, she’s widely recognized as an accomplished humorist. You can tell your friends.

Adalind lives in beautiful Southern Oregon with four cats, two dogs, two other dogs, and a lizard named Obi-Wan. The lizard is definitely a Jedi.

Adalind can’t play guitar because she’s a delicate little flower with double-jointed pinkies that mute all the strings.  She cites creative differences between herself and the guitar as official reasons for their lack of communication.

“It wanted me to cut my nails short, and I said ‘You can go live at the church.'”

You can peruse her library at, or follow her on any number of social media sites (the number is four.  Four social media sites.).


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